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    fred j learn soul line dancing founderI’m Fred, originally from Richmond Va, currently residing in Washington DC. I run a small marketing and consulting company. A couple years back my partner and I were working on a project and capitalized off of the popularity at the time of “The Wobble” line dance video. We realized there were several line dances that people wanted to learn.

    We created a Facebook page, put up a few videos and it started to grow. We started to get requests from all over the globe asking, “Where can I find a line dance class in my city?” People asked if we could feature their videos. I thought how can we make this a win win for everyone?

    We post your videos and drive traffic to your YouTube channel free of charge. We have a location database for line dance instructors, promoters and club owners where you can list your line dance event or studio. If you have instructional videos for sale, we’ll create a direct link to your eCommerce site. Use our social media channels and our mailing list to blast your event.

    Our mobile app is in development.

    If you don’t want your video to be used please let us know and I will take it down immediately. Any specific questions or concerns or business propositions don’t hesitate to contact us.